Spark supports you

Spark offers various consulting services to software companies to assist them to achieve their goals efficiently.

These services include:

Business and System Analysis

If your company is developing a new software product or you need to add new features to your product and you don't have the needed expertise for analysis, then Spark can help you finalize the analysis quickly and efficiently.

Software Project Management

Spark can assist you to manage your software projects to ensure successful implementation and delivery meeting the project requirements.

Process Improvement

Spark can help you maintain your processes which leads to quality improvements, service enhancements, cost reductions, and productivity increases.


If you want your team to join the world of Agile and you don't know how to start...then Spark will assist you.


Spark can provide your company with in-house training in any of the above areas so that your staff become professional enough to carry out these activities by their own through professional and comprehensive hands on training.

HR Business Knowledge

From our proven experience in HR software solutions, Spark can provide your staff with the HR business knowledge in the different HR areas: Personnel Management, Payroll, Talent Management and Time Attendance.

Key Performance Indicators

Spark ?can guide you to the most significant KPI's that would best demonstrate how effectively is company achieving the business objectives. And this will be the key to prepare analytical reports and dashboards for the top management to be able to track the overall performance of the enterprise as well as the evaluating the different business processes.