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Product Overview

doPayroll is an affordable cloud based solution to carry out the payroll process simply, quickly and effectively specially for small and medium companies; according to the Egyptian Labor Law.

doPayroll can be integrated with other HCM or financial software systems.

Why doPayroll?

- Run your payroll simply in just one step..."Go Simple".

- No installation, no implementation....just "plug and play".

- Save your time.

- Concentrate in your business and don't bother yourself with payroll issues. doPayroll will handle all of them.

- Save your money, you don't need a financial specialist to spend hours and hours reviewing and validating payroll results.

- Error free payroll results.

- Run your payroll at anytime from anywhere.

- Easy, flexible and user friendly interface.

- Your data is safe and secured by Amazon services.

Related Services

- Are you facing difficulties and time consumption to carry out complex calculations like monthly taxes, taxes reconciliation and social insurance? Spark Offers a dedicated help desk for support with centers of expertise in payroll, taxes and social insurance.

- Also, Spark assists its clients in the registration and de-registration processes of employees in the social insurance authorities.

- Spark offers its clients with payroll outsourcing services to carry out the payroll process if they don't have the qualified staff.